Helping Corporations And Businesses With Debt Collection Issues

Often, corporate entities and businesses need assistance with collecting debts from individuals and other businesses. When faced with this difficult task, it is often in a company's best interest to hire a debt collections lawyer who is both familiar with the process and efficient in handling it.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we have assisted businesses throughout Athens and the surrounding Georgia region with timely debt collection. As a litigator, lead attorney Adam M. Cain has over a decade of experience in post-judgment collection, whether through garnishment of wages, or levy of personal property.

Comprehensive Assistance. Quick Resolutions.

As part of our counsel, we'll begin by ensuring that a judgment is collectible, which means that we will undertake the process of discovering assets. Once we believe that the pursuit will be fruitful, we will begin planning the legal strategy that would allow us to collect the debt while acting expediently and efficiently.

We understand that these issues are difficult for corporations, who would rather not be dragged down in a lengthy legal process. At the same time, our focus is always on working to ensure that your business receives what it is owed. As such, whatever the situation calls for, we will work with you to process the options and determine the strategy, all the while preparing the necessary framework for the debt collection.

Working To Protect Your Interests

To discuss a matter of debt collection, call our Athens, Georgia office at 706-395-5480 or use the online contact form.