We Will Fight For Your Rights, No Matter The Severity Of The Allegations

In Georgia, being charged with a crime can have severe repercussions, from imprisonment to thousands of dollars in fines. You may lose your reputation and good standing in the community. You may be unable to find employment or a suitable neighborhood to live in. For students, you may have difficulty securing student loans or acceptance into certain programs. In order to best protect yourself from these consequences, it's imperative to contact the services of a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer who will defend your rights.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we provide consistent, thorough representation on a variety of criminal charges to residents across Athens, including students at nearby University of Georgia. We have a reputation for tough defense and success in court, for a wide variety of allegations, from alcohol-related offenses, including driving under the influence to drug charges and more severe crimes. We have earned full acquittals for clients, and we are always prepared to present a strong legal strategy.

Experienced Defense, Aggressive Representation

Adam M. Cain is a criminal defense attorney with over a decade of experience representing individuals throughout the region in cases, including:

In addition, Mr. Cain assists clients who are involved in the post-conviction process, where he provides comprehensive guidance on issues, such as expungement and other types of record restriction.

As a resident of Athens, Georgia, Mr. Cain also assists UGA students who have been charged with a crime. In these situations, we represent individuals in both the criminal court system and in front of the university, helping students fight suspensions and expulsions.

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