For A Student, Criminal Charges Can Have Even More Severe Consequences.

Criminal charges have serious repercussions for everyone. There is no such thing as "minor" charges. However, the consequences may be even more severe and wide ranging for students. Between the punishments doled out by the justice system, a student could be facing additional reprimands from their university in the form of suspensions or being barred from taking out loans. In addition, students may find it difficult to pursue certain career choices after they are charged with a crime.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we help students from across Athens and the University of Georgia area who are facing criminal charges. Often, students in particular have a hard time dealing with the difficulties of the criminal justice system. It can be doubly difficult to balance those obligations with the university's Code of Conduct Department. Our defense attorneys have experience in both, and can assist with the totality of your situation.

Dealing With The University's Reprimands

At UGA, for example, two alcohol-related charges can result in a suspension of up to two years or expulsion. The process can have serious academic consequences, and it's important that you're kept abreast of your rights during the proceedings. Our lawyers can help determine the facts of your case and organize the appropriate legal strategy for both your criminal and university's Code of Conduct process.

Specifically, our firm has helped students who are facing:

Our strategy is always to place our clients in the best long-term position. We do so by preparing extensively and fighting aggressively on your behalf. Whatever the circumstances, we will work to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

Don't Let A Criminal Charge Ruin Your Education

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