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We Know How To Defend Against Drug Charges

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a drug crime involving marijuana or cocaine, the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, can help you. We know how law enforcement officers and prosecutors in Athens approach cases, and we know the lengths that they will go to obtain a conviction.

If evidence has been acquired in violation of your rights, we make sure the judge knows. If we spot a weakness in the prosecution's case, we will expose it.

Challenge Marijuana Charges Now, Not Later

Marijuana is not perceived in the same way that it was only a few decades ago. More people do not consider marijuana a serious drug. Sentencing guidelines for marijuana offenses have even become less stringent over time. There are more alternative sentencing options available, including entering a diversion program.

Although potential penalties may not be as devastating as they once were, it is still vital to have a lawyer on your side. Even a single conviction for possession or another drug offense could affect your educational options, career opportunities, professional license and the result of a future criminal case.

It is critical that you fight these potential consequences now, not after it is too late.

A Drug Offense Involving Cocaine Is A Felony In Georgia

Drug offenses involving powder cocaine or crack cocaine are always a serious matter. A drug crime involving cocaine is considered a felony in Georgia, which means the potential penalties are severe. If you are charged with a drug crime involving cocaine you face higher fines and longer jail sentences. Entering a diversion program is not an option in these cases.

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