Federal Charges Come With Serious Penalties. We Have The Experience To Help.

When the federal government pursues charges against an individual, the consequences are usually extremely serious. Such matters are usually pursued zealously, and prosecutors have the resources and background to see them through to completion. In addition, the process moves quickly, leaving defendants with not much time to assess the situation and prepare themselves adequately.

Due to these aspects, as well as the fact that federal cases carry very heavy fines and significant imprisonment, acquiring the services of an experienced federal charges attorney is critical. At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we provide clients with access to a lawyer that possesses through understanding of federal rules, including those that guide evidence, criminal procedure and sentencing. Whatever the situation, we have the background and the resources to see your case through to completion.

Protection Against Federal Charges In Athens, Georgia And The Surrounding Areas

In federal cases, prosecutors disclose the evidence against you from the beginning. This usually means that they try cases they strongly believe will win. With over a decade of experience, Adam M. Cain knows what it takes to successfully defend a client and how to properly handle the federal process.

Our firm has assisted individuals who have been charged as a result of:

We are familiar with the procedures and we will help you so that you are not intimidated by the government and their case against you.

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