Protect Yourself Against Serious Fraud And Forgery Charges

In Georgia, fraud and forgery cases are on the rise, particularly those involving credit card fraud. In particular due to businesses and individuals, law enforcement officials are actively seeking to prosecute individuals they suspect are committing fraud or identity theft activities. Usually, the punishments for these charges are serious, ranging from fines in thousands of dollars to potentially spending years behind bars.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we have helped individuals in Athens and across the region with a variety of forgery and fraud cases, from simple instances to complex cases that require the assistance of a forensic accountant and other professionals. Whatever the situation, attorney Adam M. Cain is an experienced trial lawyer who will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Stringent Defense, No Matter The Allegations

We work to represent clients in a wide variety of cases, including in instances of:

  • Employee fraud, including "taking money under the table"
  • Credit card fraud, which encompasses theft of credit cards in the workplace
  • Forgery crimes
  • Check fraud and other instances of bank fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax Fraud

In certain fraud cases, for example in credit card fraud cases, prosecutors are liable to indict you for each transaction committed with the stolen or fraudulent card. These charges can quickly escalate into a substantial list with serious ramifications. We'll work with you to develop the appropriate strategy. If necessary, we work with private investigators to clear your name. When needed, we're happy to prove your innocence in court. No matter what, we work to protect your rights.

We Work To Place You In Favorable Positions

To speak to an experienced attorney about your case or the nature of the charges against you, contact our office at 706-395-5480 or by using the online contact form.