Clearing Your Name After A Criminal Charge

In Georgia, even a "minor" criminal charge can leave a stain on your record and potentially affect your life for years after the event. A criminal record can adversely affect your ability to find gainful employment, to take full advantage of higher education opportunities, and in some cases, even compromise your ability to gain U.S. citizenship.

Lead attorney Adam M. Cain has helped individuals throughout Athens and the surrounding areas with post-conviction matters, including guidance on record restriction and expungement. Georgia has a variety of programs and processes designed to help its residents with their post-conviction issues, and we offer comprehensive assistance. From the beginning of your case, we work to make sure that you don't have a lasting impact on your criminal record.

Navigating Georgia's First Offender Act And Other Means Of Record Restriction

One of the key ways that our state gives first offenders the chance to move on without the weight of a conviction on their record is by the First Offender Act, which allows, in certain cases, the ability to successfully complete your sentence without having a conviction. In addition, the case record will be sealed from the official criminal history report.

First Offender isn't available for everyone, however. Nor are you automatically sentenced under the act. In these situations, it's up to an attorney to both guide you through the process and ask the judge to sentence you under the act.

What Are My Other Options?

Georgia also allows for certain provisions that make it possible to expunge youthful offender convictions and seal the court records. Available for individuals under the age of 21 who were convicted of a misdemeanor stemming from a certain incident, youthful offenders are still required to complete certain steps before seeking an expungement.

Our lawyers can provide comprehensive assistance with these processes, as well as guidance on conditional discharge and potential diversion programs that could minimize the impact of a criminal charge on your record.

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