Defending Individuals Across Athens From Theft Charges

Theft charges have a range of consequences in Georgia. For example, the consequences for burglary can be much more severe than those of shoplifting. Nevertheless, the charges and their penalties depend on a variety of factors. However, the simple fact remains that any criminal charges are serious and can have detrimental effect on your freedom, your finances, and your employment.

As an experienced theft lawyer, Adam M. Cain has assisted individuals throughout Athens with a variety of burglary and shoplifting charges. In each case, we have worked to protect the rights of our clients by providing tough, aggressive representation.

Extensive Assistance In A Variety Of Theft Cases

We represent clients in a variety of cases, including:

  • Petty theft, or theft of items valued at less than $300
  • Grand theft, or theft of items valued at more than $300
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Auto theft, including both car and motorcycle theft
  • Theft by taking
  • Theft by receiving
  • Theft of services

When it comes to shoplifting cases, we investigate thoroughly. If there's video, we'll review it. As part of our preparation, we examine every aspect of the evidence against you and proceed accordingly. Whether we're pushing for a dismissal of the charges, or seeking to reduce the charges to attending a diversion program or undertaking community service and loss prevention courses, we'll fight to achieve your goals.

Contact An Experienced Athens Attorney

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