Violent Offenders Face A Difficult Road

The state of Georgia is notorious for its stringent prosecution of perpetrators of violent offenses. Depending on the crime, an individual charged with a violent crime can face years, if not decades, in prison. Repeat offenders, or those facing multiple criminal charges, are subject to even more severe penalties. An experienced violent crimes defense lawyer can help you parse your legal situation and place you in a favorable position.

Attorney Adam M. Cain has helped countless individuals in Athens and across the surrounding Georgia region with criminal charges, including those of a violent nature. Our firm has earned full acquittals for clients facing all types of allegations. We have the background and the experience to work with you, so that your chances of facing years behind bars are lessened.

Extensive Preparation. Trial Experience.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in both state and federal court. Whether clients are facing aggravated assault or domestic violence charges, we present the same tough, aggressive defense.

Most often, clients find themselves being charged with a violent crime due to the use or presence of a weapon during the commission of another crime, such as a drug crime. Whatever the case, our strategy is to provide zealous representation, whether in trial or during negotiation.

The court-side burden of proving reasonable suspicion and probable cause can be exploited depending on the circumstances, and we have the experience to fully assess the details of your case and provide a comprehensive strategy for moving forward.

Secure The Protection You Deserve

A violent crime has serious repercussions. We collaborate with clients to provide seasoned, experienced guidance in difficult situations. Call 706-395-5480 or use the online contact form to discuss your case in detail.