Facing And Disputing Domestic Violence Charges

In Georgia, domestic violence, or any act defined as family violence, can result in serious consequences, including being treated a felony, resulting in jail time, significant fines, anger management courses and/or a protective order. For repeat offenders, the consequences are much more severe. Without the protection of an experienced domestic violence lawyer, you may be facing the harshest penalties under the law.

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Cain, LLC, we have successfully defended clients across Athens with serious violent crimes charges. We understand the stakes, and we understand what legal strategies we need to undertake in order to place our clients in favorable positions.

Dealing With The Particulars Of Domestic Violence Charges

In our state, domestic violence is defined as an act of family violence, which is designed to protect individuals abused by spouses, parents, children, siblings, or any persons currently or formerly residing in the same household.

However, due to the nature of the charge, more often than not, police officers are responding after the fact, without having witnessed the alleged act of abuse. This can make it difficult for prosecutors to move forward with the case.

As experienced attorneys, we know what to look for in these situations, and provide our clients with a blueprint for moving forward and contesting the charges. Whether we're fighting for an outright dismissal or seeking to reduce the charges, we still apply the same aggressive approach.

As seasoned trial attorneys, we are never afraid to take your case to court. However, if that's not in your best interests, we will aggressively push the prosecutors to respect your rights.

Secure The Protection You Deserve

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