Real Estate Litigation

Real estate law is usually thought of as leases and deeds. But people have disputes over land, land ownership, and land usage.

At Cain Law we specialize in helping our clients resolve their disputes as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Land disputes often carry high emotional content. People have an affinity for land. Real estate disputes frequently involve complex issues and subtle differences.

The lawyers at Cain Law have extensive experience in real estate litigation, whether it involves:

  • Title issues
  • Lease contests
  • Interpretation of protective covenants
  • Contested zoning
  • Enforcement of easements
  • Quieting title
  • Condemnation or eminent domain
  • Fraudulent deeds
  • Resolving boundary locations

Cain Law's real estate litigation attorneys are skilled in resolving any and all conflicts arising out of disagreements over real property.

If you need assistance with a land issue, please contact us.

Contact a Real Estate Attorney
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