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Georgia teens and alcohol-related crimes

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility reports that 8.7 million young people between 12 and 20 years of age drink alcohol. In the state of Georgia, figures reveal that 23.6 percent of youngsters in this age category have consumed alcohol within the last 30 days.

In Georgia, children need to know that they are not lawfully permitted to drink alcohol if they are under the age of 21 unless:

  • The consumption of alcohol is for medical purposes.
  • The consumption of alcohol is for religious reasons.
  • The consumption of alcohol is with parental permission.

Parents are only permitted to give alcohol to their own children. Other parents may not give alcohol to a child, so if you're having a dinner party with another parents' children at your home, you cannot provide alcohol to those children. Even if you believe that the other parent would approve, giving alcohol to a minor is ill-advised.

Most children who refrain from consuming alcohol do it because their parents told them not to. As such, parents may want to consider telling their child not to drink, as it could serve the children well throughout their younger years in avoiding trouble with the law.

If your child does get in trouble with the law for drinking, the most serious offense will likely involve drunk driving. In Georgia, the underage drunk driving limit is .02 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). According to one Atlanta-area lawyer, "Any smell of alcohol on an underage driver behind the wheel, you go to jail." Children need to be aware of this fact, and never get behind the wheel after drinking any quantity of alcohol.

Was your child accused of underage drinking or underage drinking and driving? You can assist your child in navigating his or her criminal proceedings by retaining a skilled Athens defense attorney.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Georgia law says teens can have alcohol (sometimes)," Camie Young, accessed Sep. 20, 2017

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