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How can vehicle drivers prevent semitruck crashes?

There is nothing more dangerous than getting into a crash with a semitruck. Vehicle drivers often suffer catastrophic injuries and death as a result of colliding with these gigantic, slow-moving and heavy vehicles. As such, it's important for drivers to do everything they can to stay safe when sharing the road with an 18-wheeler.

Here are a few things that every driver should do in the presence of a semitruck:

  • Be a defensive driver: The old question of "Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit?" applies here. A semitruck goes where it wants and anything in its path gets destroyed. As such, drivers should be careful and defensive when sharing the road with a semitruck. Drive slower, give space and follow all the rules of the road.
  • Get out of the semitruck's blindspots: Semitrucks have large blind spots in front of them, behind them and in certain areas to the side of the truck -- especially toward the back. You want to avoid these areas, and don't linger in them. If you have to pass a semitruck, do so steadily and as quickly as you can without delaying, tailgating or hanging out on the sides of the truck.
  • Don't cut off a large truck: A large semitruck is slow to move and slow to react. As such, you should never cut it off on the road. Always act predictably and remember that these big trucks are not as agile as your small car.

Following the above tips will prevent the majority of semitruck crashes. However, if you get hurt in an 18-wheeler crash in spite of your best efforts, you might be able to pursue financial compensation and justice in court.

Source: Fleet Net America, "7 Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi-trucks," Paige Stewart, accessed Nov. 17, 2017

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