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January 2018 Archives

2 soldiers from Fort Stewart arrested after driving into house

Two young soldiers stationed at Ft. Stewart -- aged 19 and 20 -- have been arrested and accused of driving under the influence after the vehicle they were in drove into a house. The car was initially driven by the 19-year-old, who police say fled the scene to a nearby residence. The 20-year-old was a passenger, but police say he tried to drive the car out of the home and failed.

Passenger vehicle drivers: Be careful around big rigs

No matter what road you're driving on, eventually you'll encounter a big rig. Maybe you call them semitrucks or 18-wheelers. Whatever you call them, they're dangerous. In fact, the majority of people who die in semitruck crashes are not the occupants of the big rigs, but the occupants of the passenger vehicles involved in the crashes.

Risk factors of being involved in a pedestrian accident

It's a shame to think that such a healthful and natural activity like walking would be considered dangerous in this day and age; nevertheless, with Athens roads being more clogged with motor vehicles every day, it's getting more dangerous than ever for people to take to the streets on foot.

Auburn football recruit arrested and charged with DUI

A prospective Auburn football recruit, who already committed to the team verbally, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence late last month. This is a serious development for the young football player as it could negatively affect his ability to play sports for the team.

Will your case be eligible for drug court?

Many college students and other young adults in Georgia enjoy the party scene. You might be one who enjoys hanging out with friends on your free time, perhaps taking in a football game or downing a few cold ones and some popular local cuisine -- boiled peanuts, perhaps? This state has much to offer in the way of amenities and available events and activities for the under-30 crowd. The problem is that partying often leads to trouble.

Alcohol-related injuries caused by college students are common

If you went to college, you know what it's like to be young with a lot of newfound freedom to do whatever you want. You may have seen a lot of your fellow students use their freedom to go overboard with drinking.

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