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Risk factors of being involved in a pedestrian accident

It's a shame to think that such a healthful and natural activity like walking would be considered dangerous in this day and age; nevertheless, with Athens roads being more clogged with motor vehicles every day, it's getting more dangerous than ever for people to take to the streets on foot.

Let's take a quick look to consider the risks to pedestrians, and which pedestrians have the highest threat of getting struck by a car:

Older adults are more at risk of a pedestrian crash

Unfortunately, aside from children -- who have the highest risk of getting hit by a vehicle -- the older you are, the more at risk you may be of getting struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian. Perhaps this is because older adults enjoy walking and getting outdoors during their golden years. Or, maybe it's because older adults aren't as quick on their feet and able to sidestep an oncoming vehicle. As it stands, adults aged 65 and up account for 19 percent of pedestrian deaths in the United States and 13 percent of pedestrian injuries as of 2015.

Children are also at high risk of getting struck by a car

Children under 15 years of age have a high risk of being hit while pedestrians. Perhaps this is because neighborhood children enjoy playing around their homes and aren't as attentive with regard to keeping an eye out for oncoming cars. Twenty percent of children under 15, who died in traffic-related incidents, were pedestrians.

Intoxicated people are also at risk of getting struck

Whether it's alcohol or drugs, an intoxicated pedestrian has a much higher risk of getting hit. In fact, 34 percent of pedestrian accidents involved a drunk pedestrian.

If you or a loved one were struck, injured or killed by a vehicle while walking, the law could be on your side. Learn about your legal rights as a pedestrian accident victim, and you might find that the motor vehicle driver who struck you will be liable to pay your financial damages.

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