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Will your case be eligible for drug court?

Many college students and other young adults in Georgia enjoy the party scene. You might be one who enjoys hanging out with friends on your free time, perhaps taking in a football game or downing a few cold ones and some popular local cuisine -- boiled peanuts, perhaps? This state has much to offer in the way of amenities and available events and activities for the under-30 crowd. The problem is that partying often leads to trouble.

You likely didn't expect any problems to arise during your recent outing with friends, and you may have been surprised when your evening ended in the back of a police car on your way to jail. You anxiety level probably went through the roof when officials informed you they were filing drug charges against you. One of the first things you'll want to find out is whether your case will be adjudicated in a drug court. This is a justice intervention system that processes drug-related cases and promotes addiction rehabilitation.

Who goes to drug court?

Not everyone facing drug charges goes to drug court. The following list includes basic information regarding who is eligible as well as what you might expect if the court transfers your criminal case to a drug court:

  • The age of a defendant is a main factor of consideration when determining which cases the drug court will preside over. If you are not of legal adult age, the juvenile justice system will undoubtedly hear your case. Drug courts typically handle cases involving adults.
  • Drug courts operate in conjunction with the criminal justice system, but in some cases, they also process civil justice cases, such as family drug courts that exist to address matters concerning parents facing abuse or neglect allegations that are drug related.
  • If the charges against you involve any type of violent crime, you will probably not be eligible for drug court.
  • Guidelines for eligibility and other processing issues regarding drug court vary by state.
  • The main idea behind drug court is to promote intensive rehabilitative treatment as part of sentencing in a criminal justice case that is drug related to help those suffering from addiction.
  • If you are convicted and sentenced through drug court, you will likely be made to take random drug tests during your treatment period.
  • There is also often a reward and sanction-based system in place during drug court sentences. If you fulfill all your obligations, the drug court judge assigned to your case may reward you in some way, while the same can implement sanctions if you fail to satisfy any requirements placed upon you in sentencing.

Perhaps you had borrowed a friend's jacket the night police arrested you, and the drugs they claim to have found in your possession were inside a pocket of that coat. Maybe, on the other hand, you were partying and smoked a joint or took some other form of illegal drug. This one incident does not necessarily have to ruin your life.

In fact, some individuals avoid conviction in Georgia altogether when they challenge evidence that police may have violated their rights to obtain or from simply presenting a strong defense in court. Most who are able to preserve their freedom, or at least mitigate their circumstances, do so by relying on experienced defense attorneys to act on their behalves.

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