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Penalties for alcohol and drugs at the University of Georgia

University of Georgia students need to be careful not to get in trouble for alcohol and drug-related violations. Indeed, one false move in this regard could destroy a student's academic career, and deprive him or her of scholarships and financial aid. Let's take a deeper look into the University of Georgia's policies with regard to first-time drug and alcohol offenses.

The University of Georgia states in its handbook that it:

  • Promotes a community geared toward learning, wellbeing and success.
  • The use and abuse of illegal substances and alcohol jeopardize the university's healthful community and places the safety of those associated with the university at risk.
  • The university expects all students to behave responsibly and to follow the university's Code of Conduct and all applicable laws regarding drugs and alcohol.
  • The university will punish students who break laws and the code of conduct with appropriate sanctions.

Here are the sanctions outlined by the university for alcohol and drug violations:

  • For the first violation of unlawful possession and not consumption of alcohol or for aiding in the possession of alcoholic beverages by others, students must attend the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) program and submit to six months of academic probation.
  • For the first violation of using, consuming or distributing alcohol unlawfully -- or for disruptive conduct caused by alcohol, students must attend the AOD program and submit to 12 months of academic probation.
  • For the first violation of illegal drug possession, distribution or use, students must attend the AOD program and 12 months of academic probation.
  • For the first violation illegal drug sales and controlled substance sales, students will be suspended from the university.

Students charged with the drug and alcohol violations above will have the ability to defend themselves in court, which -- if successful -- could improve their standing with the University of Georgia. As such, if you or a loved one has been accused of violating university drug and alcohol policy, you may want to take care to organize a strategic defense against the alleged crimes.

Source: University of Georgia, "Code of Conduct," accessed Feb. 16, 2018

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