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The legal and physical risks of drugged driving

Georgia readers know that drugs can have a significant impact on a person's ability to drive and safely operate a vehicle. Like alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs can affect a person's perception of danger, reaction times and the ability to make safe decisions on the road.

Regardless of the type of drug a person consumes, if it can affect a person's motor skills and cognitive function, he or she is responsible for avoiding driving after taking it. Drugged driving is always dangerous driving, and individuals convicted of this type of criminal charge could face significant legal and financial penalties. State laws take a strong stand against intoxicated driving of any kind because this significantly increases the chances of serious car accidents.

Why is it such a serious crime?

You may not view drugged driving in the same way that you may view drunk driving, especially if the drug in question is a prescribed medication. Whether it is marijuana, a dangerous street drug or prescribed cough syrup from your doctor, medication and illicit drugs may have the following effects on you:

  • Impair your judgment of perceived distances and the time required to come to a complete stop
  • Slow your reaction time and make it difficult to process risks and hazards on the road
  • Make you sleepy or dizzy, which will affect your ability to drive safely

Even relatively minor medications and drugs can result in weaving in and out of lanes, driving at erratic speeds and more. There is a substantial physical risk to driving while under the influence of drugs as this can lead to a greater chance that you and others will suffer serious injuries in a crash. However, there is a great legal risk as well.

If convicted of drugged driving, you could face time behind bars, loss of your driving privileges, significant fines and more. You would be wise to take your situation seriously and seek appropriate defense help.

Your future and freedom are on the line

When facing charges of drugged driving, there is a lot at stake, including your future and freedom. You do not have to leave these things to chance, but you have the right to confront these charges and fight for a beneficial outcome to your case.

Before you enter a plea or make any important decisions about the best way to handle your case, it could be helpful to seek a complete evaluation of your situation and an explanation of your defense options.

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