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March 2018 Archives

Minor in possession offenses: How to defend against them

Whether we like it or not, it's common for children to get their hands on alcoholic beverages and drink them. Whether the child is 10 years old or 17 years old, when a minor is in possession of alcohol, it's a crime -- and state governments like Georgia do everything they can to prevent it from happening.

When is the trucking company liable for a semitruck crash?

Due to the legal concepts of "vicarious liability" and "respondeat superior," if a truck driver or something related to the truck he or she was driving caused a semitruck crash, the trucking company that employed the driver will be liable to pay for any resulting damages to other parties. Vicarious liability and respondeat superior are legal terms that relate to the fact that employers are legally responsible for the damages caused by their employees while their employees are carrying out their job duties.

Unique laws that apply to trucking accidents

A car accident that involves a semitruck is different from an accident between two normal vehicles. That's because semitruck drivers and the companies that employ them must adhere to specific legal standards that could come into play in a semitruck accident lawsuit. These laws and regulations may serve to increase the likelihood that the truck driver or transportation company will liable for financial damages.

An off-campus test you do not want to fail

Taking tests is definitely an integral part of life on most university campuses in Georgia and throughout the nation. You might be the type of student who pulls an all-nighter a day or so before a big exam to cram in as much last-minute study time as you can. On the other hand, perhaps your study habits are much more structured and organized, with a certain amount of time each day or week devoted to the purpose. In the long run, whichever way works best for you is good.

Dekalb County magistrate employee accused of distributing drugs

Most government employees in Dekalb County are struggling to make financial ends meet -- just like everyone else. In some cases, these employees are forced to do things on the side to earn some extra cash. They might even break the law by selling drugs. However, just because some individuals are selling drugs in Dekalb doesn't mean that person accused of illegal activity is guilty.

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