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May 2018 Archives

Protect yourself if you get a DUI in the military

On the whole, a military DUI is much more serious than a civilian DUI. Since it occurs during military service, you could face a court martial thanks to Article 15. You could be affected off and on base, making a military DUI particularly damaging to your reputation and career.

Distracted teenager charged with vehicular manslaughter

The tragic story of a mother, her child and a family friend -- who died in a pedestrian crash -- has finally ended in an arrest. Police arrested a teenager last Monday and charged her with second-degree vehicular homicide relating to the incident. After a months-long police investigation, Georgia authorities allege that the teenager was distracted by her smartphone at the time she struck the three victims, who were crossing the road on foot.

Young people, alcohol and drinking and driving

Alcohol in its many forms is the most popular adult beverage at parties, bars and other locations. Because we have built our society around cars, and using them to get around town, it's only natural that drunk driving would be one of the most common crimes for anyone to be accused of. Teens and those under the legal drinking age are especially vulnerable to drunk driving charges because drunk driving laws are strict when it comes to young people.

Know the difference between breath tests

Let's say you're traveling back home after a social gathering off-campus with some of your college friends. You're the driver and a police officer pulls you over. You tell everyone in your car to remain calm and cooperate when the officer approaches your vehicle. After the basic request to show your driver's license and registration information, you may be caught off-guard if the officer asks you to step out of your vehicle.  

Kindergarten teacher faces marijuana distribution charges

A kindergarten teacher has been arrested and accused of drug distribution charges. The woman was arrested at her home in Locust Grove during a drug bust carried out by the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force at the end of April. Police booked her at the Henry County Sheriff's Jail on charges of intent to distribute drugs and drug possession.

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