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June 2018 Archives

Advice for preventing wet road accidents while driving

The summer months in Georgia come with increased rainfall and that means slicker and slipperier roads that result in unintended vehicle accidents. In order to prevent becoming a summer vehicle accident statistic, you may want to take some precautions every time the sky opens up with wet and stormy weather. Here are some wet driving tips from AAA that will help you stay safe on rainy roads:

Underage drinking and your teen: What can you do to stop it?

There's never a good time for a minor to get caught with alcohol. Possessing alcohol, even if the minor hasn't had any to drink, is a violation of the law. This is a particularly good time to discuss MIP, or Minor in Possession, charges.

Commercial drivers: Don't drink and get behind the wheel

Commercial drivers usually have vehicles much larger than the others on the roads. Semi-trucks, box vans and other vehicles all have a potential to cause serious harm if they're involved in a collision. They weigh more than passenger vehicles, leading to a potential for crushing injuries.

A DUI could ruin your college career and future options

Getting a DUI is a surefire way to threaten your future. For one thing, a DUI has immediate effects in terms of your ability to drive and could result in jail time for a day or two while you're held by police. The police report DUIs to colleges most of the time, which means you could lose your scholarship funding or campus housing, especially if a DUI is a specific cause for losing your right to student housing. In some situations, you could face expulsion.

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

Hiring an attorney may be something you never thought you would need to consider. However, following your accident, it occurs to you that you may be facing some legal issues with which you have little experience. Not only are you confused about what is happening around you, but you may be in pain from your injuries, and the thought of dealing with the insurance adjusters and investigators is more than you can handle.

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