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A DUI could ruin your college career and future options

Getting a DUI is a surefire way to threaten your future. For one thing, a DUI has immediate effects in terms of your ability to drive and could result in jail time for a day or two while you're held by police. The police report DUIs to colleges most of the time, which means you could lose your scholarship funding or campus housing, especially if a DUI is a specific cause for losing your right to student housing. In some situations, you could face expulsion.

DUIs won't only affect you at school, though. You could have your license suspended or revoked. If that happens, you won't be able to drive to get to work or school, which could threaten your ability to take classes or earn money. A DUI could also result in being unable to obtain certain licensing for jobs like being a nurse or attorney.

On top of that, it's normally much harder to get a job with a DUI on your record. Certain jobs require a clean background, so having a DUI could disqualify you upon application. This is something to consider if you have a specific career in mind for the future.

A DUI is dangerous to your future regardless of what you want to do. There are fines and penalties as well as the stigma that comes with a DUI conviction. Your best bet is to fight the charges and work toward a resolution without a conviction on your record. Your attorney can help you defend yourself against the charges, so you have the best chance at keeping your life the way you like it.

Source: The College Investor, "How getting a DUI in college can ruin your college life," Robert Farrington, accessed June 07, 2018

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