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3 ways to defend against a drunk driving charge

It doesn't matter what circumstances surrounded your drunk driving arrest and charges. You will have the legal right to defend yourself during your legal proceedings. The facts pertaining to your arrest and charges, however, will dictate the type of criminal defense strategy you choose to move forward with.

Here are three ways that Athens, Georgia, residents might choose to respond to their DUI charges:

Pursue a plea bargain

If the prosecution has a strong case, and a conviction is likely in your criminal matter, you may want to try to negotiate a plea deal. This will involve pleading guilty to a criminal offense in exchange for a reduction in the severity of your punishments. Sometimes, criminal defendants can prevent themselves from going to jail or prison through a successful plea deal and the process yields a more favorable result than the defendant could have achieved by taking the case to trial.

Challenge the DUI charge on procedural grounds

The police officer who carries out your arrest must do it in a specific way. For one, the police officer has to have a viable reason to pull you over in the first place. If it can be proven that the officer didn't have a good reason to make the traffic stop, it may be possible to get your DUI case dismissed.

Challenge the Breathalyzer test results

In cases where a failed Breathalyzer exam is the only real piece of evidence the prosecution has, a defendant might try to show that the Breathalyzer test results were inaccurate. The veracity of other test results, like blood and urine tests, may also be invalid.

These are three ways that defendants might respond to a DUI charge. There are many other defense methods that you might want to consider depending on the nature of your charges.

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