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Fiction and fact about Breathalyzer tests

Almost everyone, including criminal court judges, agrees that Breathalyzer test results are not always accurate. For this reason, a failed Breathalyzer test alone will not always result in a drunk driving conviction in Georgia. Nevertheless, Breathalyzer test evidence could serve as a pivotal piece of information against the defendant. Therefore, it's important to understand a few misconceptions that pertain to these devices.

Here are few common misconceptions about Breathalyzers:

You can use breath mints or mouthwash to fool a Breathalyzer device. Even though mints, sprays and mouthwashes will mask the odor of alcohol, they will not lower one's breath alcohol content (BAC) on a Breathalyzer. Alcohol content is still detectable no matter how rosy one's breath smells.

Sucking on pennies will help drivers defeat a breathalyzer. Sucking on pennies and other coins or using herbal formulas and charcoal pills will have zero effect on Breathalyzer test results.

Smokers can pass Breathalyzer tests better than others. There's actually some truth to this statement. Because the lungs of smokers have higher Acetaldehyde levels, they might cause some of the cheaper, lower-cost Breathalyzer devices to give false readings. However, this does not apply to the professional-grade Breathalyzer test devices that law enforcement officers use.

There are a lot of facts that people don't understand about Breathalyzers. Understanding this information can often help defendants navigate their DUI criminal proceedings in court. If you were pulled over for drunk driving in Georgia and you failed your Breathalyzer test, make sure you understand how a criminal court judge will likely view your situation before choosing the most appropriate approach to your criminal defense.

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