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What should I know about prescription drug crimes?

Many Georgia residents cavalierly take prescription drugs that they bought from friends or even from dealers on the street. Although many of these prescription drugs for pain, muscle relaxing, sleep ailments and other issues have familiar names, acquiring them without an official prescription from a doctor is unlawful. It could get you in trouble with the law.

Here are three things that every Georgia resident should know about prescription drug crimes:

1. It's unlawful to possess prescription drugs without a prescription.

It doesn't matter what kind of substance the drug happens to be. It's unlawful to possess these substances without a prescription from a doctor. If police find you with unlabeled pills in your pocket or in a pharmacy bottle that has someone's name on it, you could find yourself being arrested and charged with unlawful possession of prescription medication. These laws also apply to giving or selling pharmaceutical drugs to friends. Any time someone acquires a controlled, pharmaceutical drug, a doctor or pharmacist needs to be involved.

2. It's unlawful to drive while high on prescription drugs.

Even if you have a lawful prescription to take a certain type of medication, if it has an intoxicating effect on you, then you should never operate a vehicle while taking the medication. An intoxicated driving offense involves being "impaired." It doesn't matter whether the substance involved was illegal or not. That said, driving while intoxicated combined with unlawful possession of prescription drugs will result in more serious legal problems for those who have been arrested and accused.

If you've been charged with a prescription drug crime, you have the right to defend yourself in court. Therefore, make sure that you investigate all potential Georgia criminal defense strategies.

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