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What should I expect during my criminal booking procedure?

Being arrested and booked for an alleged drug crime can be a terrifying experience if you've never experienced anything like it before. Knowledge and experience are definitely power when it comes to avoiding the feeling of pit-in-the-stomach terror during a criminal booking. This is why we've created a brief guide to help you have a rough picture of what to expect:

  • Being "booked" means that you're being placed under arrest and detained for an alleged crime. As you're being "processed," a series of events will take place.
  • Police will take down your personal information, including your name, birthday and physical characteristics.
  • Police wll enter notes about your alleged crimes.
  • Police will fingerprint you and photograph you.
  • Police will look into your criminal record to determine if you're wanted for any crimes, or if you've been convicted or accused of any crimes in the past.
  • Police will confiscate all of your personal property, which will later be returned to you when you're released.
  • Police will put you in a jail or holding cell.
  • If it's a minor offense, you might be able to obtain your immediate release.

Reading about the booking process on paper is a far cry from actually being booked. It's worth noting that you could feel a deep sense of humiliation as a result of having to go through this process. The calmer and more polite you can be with police, the easier the entire process will be.

Another vital piece of information to remember while you're being arrested and booked by police for any kind of drug-related criminal charges is the fact that you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. At our law offices, we have represented numerous criminal defendants who didn't exercise their right to remain silent soon enough and this resulted in challenges during their defense proceedings. Make sure you consult with an attorney before submitting to police interrogations.

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