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January 2019 Archives

Georgia county looks to control underage drinking

Drinking alcohol often begins as a social activity, shared with family and friends. Many responsible parents try to introduce their children to alcohol in a safe environment so they can accustom themselves to its effects on the mind and body. This is why Georgia law allows minors to drink under their parents' supervision and in their parents' homes.

DUI violations in Georgia could come with steep penalties

As most people know, driving while under the influence of alcohol is against the law. However, even these laws can vary from state to state, and individuals in Georgia can benefit from understanding the laws associated with this type of situation, especially if police officers stop them.

Father of 2 killed in Decatur truck crash

Car accidents are always an unexpected burden, even if no injuries come as their result. But nothing is more tragic and difficult than a crash involving a fatality. Families often find themselves facing the grief of an unanticipated loss while also grappling with the realities of less income or resources.

Bicyclist injured in Savannah truck accident

Bicycles are a special way of getting around Georgia's towns and cities. They've been around longer than cars, they require a lot less effort to move and they don't need fuel or parking. The biggest drawback for bikers is the lack of protection that bicycles offer, especially considering the risks on the road.

DUI arrests in Georgia spike during the holiday week

The winter season is not the best time to be outside. Even in Georgia, often a balmy state with plenty to do outdoors, people often spend more time alone. Drinking and alcoholism can also rise in the winter months, and the holiday season can be a warning against drinking and driving.

Several Georgia bars and restaurant fail underage serving test

From toasts at weddings to beers at a football game, alcohol is a part of many cherished American traditions. Although some type of booze mixes with every soda pop, alcohol never mixes with driving a car, working with machinery or being below the proper age.

What is a grand jury and what does it rule on?

Most people think of juries, if they think of them at all, as the last essential part of the promise of justice in America. A person's right to let fellow citizens rule on a legal dispute is a cornerstone of trust in the courts. But a certain type of jury is important in deciding whether charges may be filed in the first place.

Facing charges for driving while impaired by drugs

Alcohol-related accidents are no rare event, and thousands of people in Georgia are involved in DUI accidents each year, many with fatal consequences. Law enforcement and safety advocates have pressed for stricter laws and heavier penalties to deter drivers from getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. However, there is a more sinister danger than alcohol on the roads these days.

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