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Several Georgia bars and restaurant fail underage serving test

From toasts at weddings to beers at a football game, alcohol is a part of many cherished American traditions. Although some type of booze mixes with every soda pop, alcohol never mixes with driving a car, working with machinery or being below the proper age.

Georgia maintains a few legal ways for a minor to drink but nearly all involve the permission and involvement of a parent or legal guardian. As children approach the age of 21, especially if they are living at college or away from their parents, it often becomes more tempting through peer pressure and other motivations to drink before their time.

A recent focus on stopping underage drinking at the source turned up several establishments that were violating the Peach State's liquor laws. A majority of bars, restaurants and liquor stores that were tested by the Alcohol Beverage Compliance Unit of the Savannah Police Department failed to properly check for identification before serving or selling alcoholic drinks.

Savannah, along with many other Georgia cities and towns, has a sliding scale for businesses that violate codes related to alcoholic beverages. The punishments range from fines to the loss of the business' alcohol license. Underage drinkers also face fines and possible criminal charges for repeated offenses.

People charged with underage drinking may have a defense against these charges, especially if they did not reasonably believe they would become intoxicated. If you are charged with underage drinking, the next move is to retain an attorney. A lawyer can help advise on a good way out of trouble after a drink.

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