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Safety tips for driving in heavy wind and rain

Because you value safety on the road, you undoubtedly want to drive as safely as possible at all times. Of course, you may not have the ability to predict what type of trip you will have because many factors that can affect road travel can come up suddenly. For instance, you may suddenly find yourself driving in an unexpected rainstorm or in heavy winds.

Understanding how to drive safely in inclement weather can help lessen the likelihood of serious car accidents. Though the best way to avoid accidents caused by weather conditions is to stay off the road during bad weather, that is not always a feasible option. If you do need to get out for any reason, remembering certain safety tips may prove useful.

Wind and rain

Both windy and rainy conditions can pose hazards to drivers and others on the roads. When it comes to staying in control in the wind and the rain, you may want to consider the following precautions:

  • Watch out for large vehicles, like RVs or trailers, because they can catch the wind more easily, and drivers may have a more difficult time staying in the correct lanes.
  • Slow down when driving on wet roads to avoid hydroplaning and losing control.
  • If possible, wait for the rain to slacken up, or wait until it has been raining for at least some time. Driving soon after rain starts can prove more dangerous as oils on the road rise to the surface making roadways even slicker.
  • Remember that wind gusts can happen suddenly and can move your vehicle more easily than expected.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel during rain or wind in order to have better control over your vehicle.
  • Drive with your lights on in the rain so that you have better visibility and so that other drivers can see your vehicle more easily.
  • Wet roads mean you need more time and space to come to a stop, so you should increase your following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Driving in any type of inclement weather can be nerve-wracking, but staying calm and focused may help you arrive at your destination safely.

Crash compensation

In the event that you do find yourself in an accident caused by another driver, you may want to consider your legal options. A successful personal injury claim could allow you to obtain compensation for damages permissible under Georgia state law.

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