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March 2019 Archives

Driver avoids jail time after crash kills 3 in Woodstock

There are many famously unsafe places to be a bicyclist or a pedestrian around the country. Car ownership is very high in Atlanta because the city is not particularly friendly to fresh-air seekers. But that does not stop people who are dedicated to outdoors time, cannot afford to commute with an engine or are simply going a short distance.

Injuries you may suffer in a car accident

A car accident can result in many kinds of injuries. The erratic jostling your body endures when two vehicles collide can be violent, even if the cars are traveling at relatively low speeds. If you are fortunate, you may escape with some bumps and bruises or stiff muscles that feel better after a few days.

New laws affect searches of drunk driving suspects in Georgia

Defendants in criminal proceedings are presumed innocent until found guilty through legal means. This principle is the underpinning ethic of United States law as well as state legislation in Atlanta. A new interpretation of this principle is bringing changes to Georgia's laws on driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drugs discovered in private Macon home after search

There are changes coming in the way many U.S. law enforcement agencies approach drugs. This has come on the heels of many states and cities reducing penalties for minor drug offenses. Another connection that occurs in Georgia and elsewhere is drug charges can aggravate other cases against people.

Underage alcohol sales sting finds 8 businesses in violation

Much like other states, Georgia restricts underage drinking by setting a minimum age for the purchase or consumption of alcohol. There are very limited situations in which a person below the age of 21 may legally drink, such as under the supervision of parents or guardians, but minors are enjoined from drinking under most circumstances in Georgia.

Georgia dump truck accident sends 2 to hospital

The roads in Georgia are often crowded with trucks, partially because most things in Georgia are built with things that arrive on trucks. Tractor-trailers bring lumber and manufactured goods while tankers bring gasoline and fuel oil and dump trucks bring raw materials like stone and gravel.

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