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Injuries you may suffer in a car accident

A car accident can result in many kinds of injuries. The erratic jostling your body endures when two vehicles collide can be violent, even if the cars are traveling at relatively low speeds. If you are fortunate, you may escape with some bumps and bruises or stiff muscles that feel better after a few days.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. A vehicle's speed, the focus of the driver, weather conditions and many other variables can determine whether you will walk away with a scratch or ride off in an ambulance. Although every accident is unique, there are some types of injuries that occur more commonly than others.

Brain and spinal injuries

In a motor vehicle accident, there are many opportunities for you to suffer a brain injury, including contact with the steering wheel, window or dashboard. Any trauma to your head can be serious, and a brain injury can occur even if your head makes no contact with another object. A brain injury can result in lifelong medical issues, vision problems and cognitive difficulties. Georgia medical personnel on the scene will assess you for a brain injury immediately.

They will also attempt to determine if you have injured your spine. A spinal cord injury is another common consequence of a car accident. If you suffer an injury to your spinal cord, you may permanently lose the feeling and use of your legs, arms or other parts of your body. It is wise to remain as still as possible following a car accident in case you have suffered such an injury. Emergency responders will stabilize your neck and spine before attempting to move you.

Other common injuries

While two of the most serious injuries are spinal cord and brain injuries, there are other types of injuries common to car accident victims, including:

  • Back injuries, such as herniated disks
  • Whiplash, which is injury to the muscles and ligaments in your neck
  • Chest trauma, which can cause damage to the lungs or heart
  • Internal bleeding if an organ is damaged
  • Broken bones, some of which can be serious and require surgery

Even if you feel fine after an accident, it is always wise to seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out any hidden injuries. A complete assessment of your medical condition is important, and you may wish to follow it with a compete assessment of your legal options for pursuing financial compensation for your injuries.

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