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April 2019 Archives

Woman struck in hit-and-run accident in northwest Georgia

Most victims of motor vehicle accidents are on the road in a vehicle of their own. Although some car crashes are fatal, people in cars have the protection of the vehicle's frame in the case of a collision. The same is not true for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Drunk driving charges reduced against former police officer

Driving in Georgia is generally a safe venture, although some places are more dangerous than others. Several roads near Atlanta and other major urban centers have a higher incidence of car accidents in everyday circumstances. But one circumstance that could appear anywhere is a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Musician charged with drug possession after Georgia traffic stop

Drug charges are no laughing matter in Georgia. Possession of illegal or controlled substances may result in prison time or heavy fines after prosecution or a plea deal. In many cases, drug possession may be one of several charges connected to a single arrest. Those facing charges may be able to get some or all charges dropped or reduced with legal representation.

What are the exceptions to underage possession in Georgia?

Even in the case of cough medicines, parents have to wait a while before introducing their children to alcohol. The chemical in beer, wine and liquor has an outsized effect on young people and can have negative effects on young brains well after initial consumption. But there are limits to the generally understood prohibition of drinking alcohol as a minor.

Study shows drivers are the most common cause of truck accidents

From the coast near Savannah to the border with the Florida Panhandle, Georgia is full of trucks of all sizes and types. Tractor-trailers, tankers and other heavy vehicles may not be more likely than cars and pickup trucks to be involved in accidents, but they may be more likely to cause severe injury and death when they are.

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