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May 2019 Archives

Georgia's new law on Breathalyzers matches constitutional limits

It's more likely that someone will drive to a bar or liquor store than most other ways to get there. This can be a problem if people try to drive back. Georgia's prosecutors and police have generally been hard-nosed about the enforcement of laws against driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The law, however, is changing.

Protect yourself when cycling this summer

With the Georgia weather quickly heating up, many people may find themselves breaking out their bicycles in order to get some exercise or to reach certain destinations. Whether you are a cycling hobbyist or enjoy using your bike to get to your UGA summer classes, it is important that you stay safe.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for Georgia man

Much like public drunkenness or underage possession of alcohol, drug charges largely come from someone being caught doing something. Many of the legal details when a prosecutor has the evidence to file charges come from how a person was caught while committing a suspected crime.

Charges in recent Georgia arrest include underage possession

Drinking should always be moderated, which is why people under the age of 21 are not allowed to consume alcohol in the United States. There are a few exceptions in Georgia, including consumption under a parent's supervision, a rule partially designed to allow children to experience the disorientation caused by drinking in a controlled environment.

Trucks-only highway proposed to relieve congestion

Trucks are the backbone of Georgia's economy as well as the main supplier of the goods that people in the state consume. They are the only options to bring the required food and products to the many communities away from the Atlantic Ocean or train lines.

Is the Breathalyzer test always accurate?

You've probably seen a Breathalyzer used in movies and television shows. It is that little box an officer will ask a driver to breathe into when the officer suspects the driver of driving under the influence of alcohol. Law enforcement officers in the state of Georgia often use this little machine because it is supposedly extremely accurate. Is it, though?

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