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What exactly is the Super Speeder Law?

Speeding -- most drivers in the state of Georgia do it at some point. Many get away with it. Those caught by the police can face significant penalties, particularly if they were operating their vehicles at speeds well over the posted limits. The Super Speeder Law is in place to get people to slow down and to punish those who feel it is okay to drive at reckless speeds.

When might someone get a super speeder ticket? What are the penalties associated with such a citation? Is there any way to fight a super speeder citation?

Super Speeder defined

Anyone caught driving 85 mph or above on any highway or road in the state may receive a super speeder citation. Anyone found driving 75 mph or more on a two-lane street may also receive this type of citation.

How it works

If you receive a super speeder ticket, you will only have so much time in which to pay your fine. Typically, the fine runs around $200, and you'll have 120 days to pay it after receiving the ticket. The state sends these citations in the mail. If you fail to pay, the following may happen:

  • Resident license suspension -- for locals
  • Fine increase
  • Non-resident license suspension -- for visitors to the state
  • Fines in one's home state

When one receives this type of ticket, the state cannot add points to your driving record. It can impose increased fines for repeat offenders, though.

How to pay

There are three ways in which you can pay your super speeder fines. You may file online, you may pay in person at a Department of Driver Services office, or you can mail in your payment. Different payment methods are available, depending on how you try to pay. For example, when paying online or by mail, you can use credit/debit cards, checks or money orders. When paying in person, checks or money orders are unacceptable.

Fight it or accept it

If you've received a super speeder citation, you can either accept it and pay your fine or try to fight it. The state will need to prove that you were, indeed, driving well over the posted limits. If their evidence is lacking, there may be a case dismissal, meaning the court will drop the fine and, if applicable, license suspension.

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