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September 2019 Archives

Is your UGA student facing an underage DUI charge?

In some cases, different laws apply depending on a person's age. Teenagers cannot legally drive until they pass their driver's test at the age of 16, and they cannot buy lottery tickets or other items until they reach 18. Of course, they cannot legally purchase or consume alcohol until the age of 21.

Pedestrian injured in crash involving stolen car in Atlanta

Car accidents are a regrettable fact of life in Georgia, with several cars and trucks colliding every day somewhere in the state. Many of these collisions are minor, with only small amounts of damage that can be easily repaired. But even minor collisions can be deadly when people are not protected by the frames of cars and trucks.

Georgia sheriff's deputy may have enabled underage drinking

When it comes to underage drinking in Georgia, there are hard lines around who can drink, and there are few exceptions to those rules. Children may be allowed to drink small amounts of alcohol in their own homes under parental supervision, but even this case is very rare and tightly regulated.

Police officer leaves job after DUI arrest

One of America's most treasured rights is the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven. This matters beyond retaining freedom and privileges that are also guaranteed by law. Convictions for crimes can follow people for the rest of their lives, making professional opportunities harder to find and goals harder to attain.

Two big Georgia counties stop prosecuting small marijuana crimes

Drugs have a terrible effect on people's health and happiness if they are illicit or used without medical guidance. Convictions for drug possession can be just as damaging to a person's life and career. Felony convictions are particularly problematic when people need to pass background checks for jobs and civil services.

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