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October 2019 Archives

3 tips for driving safely around tractor trailers

Wanting to avoid a car accident while traveling is a reasonable desire. You and many other people traveling the Georgia roadways undoubtedly want to hop in the car, drive to your destination and get back home without any negative incidents along the way. Though you cannot avoid all accidents because you cannot predict how other people will drive, you can help yourself stay safe by focusing on your own driving.

Savannah sets another underage drinking net

It's never a good idea to drink alcohol before the age of 21. Other than a few exceptions under Georgia law, such as drinking under parental supervision, minors are forbidden from intoxication for their own protection. Beyond legal issues, there are safety concerns for developing brains and people not yet used to controlling their level of intoxication.

Woman faces drunk driving charges after head-on crash

There are a few ways that a night of drinking could change your life, and few of them are good. An argument with a loved one could start a rift, or a drunken scuffle can lead to serious injuries. One of the worst messes that happens when a person is intoxicated is that the person may not even remember them.

Georgia man facing drug charges did not get speedy trial

  1. People who watched the news in the 1980s may remember the beginning of the "war on drugs." Although the catchphrase has more or less vanished, the war never ended. Thousands of people are already in jail for relatively minor drug offenses and many more face the same in current investigations.

One new push by attorneys general and district attorneys has been charges for so-called "drug-assisted homicide." This sort of charge may result if drugs that were sold or supplied by a suspect resulted in a fatal overdose. This is far more likely if drugs were contaminated with a different substance or sold under false pretenses.

Carroll County accident raises questions about fire engine

Although Georgia has several ports and train lines, most of the trade in the state moves by road. Tractor-trailers are not the only heavy vehicles near all of us. Emergency services and disaster relief often move in large trucks and often hit the road in circumstances that are less than ideal.

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