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3 tips for driving safely around tractor trailers

Wanting to avoid a car accident while traveling is a reasonable desire. You and many other people traveling the Georgia roadways undoubtedly want to hop in the car, drive to your destination and get back home without any negative incidents along the way. Though you cannot avoid all accidents because you cannot predict how other people will drive, you can help yourself stay safe by focusing on your own driving.

Safety should always be your top priority when behind the wheel of a car. You should make sure that you and any passengers buckle your seat belts, avoid distractions and follow the rules of the road. Of course, you may not be aware that some of your actions could cause issues for other drivers, particularly tractor-trailer drivers.

Staying aware of your actions

In order to put your best safety efforts forward when traveling, you may want to consider the following safety tips provided by a truck driver:

  • Drive with your lights on during the day, especially when it is raining. If you drive a silver or gray car and do not have your lights on, you become almost undetectable to truck drivers in rainy weather.
  • Accelerate to the end of an on-ramp, even if a truck is coming. Most truck drivers will slow down to let other motorists merge onto the roadway, and if a merging vehicle suddenly decelerates before merging in front of a truck, an accident could happen.
  • Stay out of trucker's blind spots. If a truck driver cannot see your vehicle, it is more likely that a serious accident could take place.

These and other safety tips may help you feel safer when traveling around tractor-trailers.

Accidents happen

Of course, even if you do your best to remain a safe driver and stay conscious about how your actions could affect other drivers, you may not be able to avoid an accident with a truck driver. Various factors could contribute to a truck accident, and you may not hold fault for any of them. If a truck driver is considered at fault for a crash that resulted in you suffering serious injuries, you will likely want to explore your legal options. 

Injuries from such a crash can be life changing, and you may need help covering the financial difficulties that result from the incident. A successful personal injury claim could allow you to obtain compensation for damages permitted under state law.

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