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December 2019 Archives

How does a drug conviction affect your financial aid award?

When you signed on the dotted line to take out federal student loans to attend college here in Athens, you may not have read all the fine print contained in the disclosures that you were required to review to secure funding for your education.

How can you protect your interests after a dog bite?

Are you dealing with physical and emotional trauma after a dog attack? Were you walking or running when another person's pet bit you? You may not be sure what you should do in this type of situation, but you have legal options available to you. In some situations, it is possible to hold Georgia pet owners accountable for the actions of the pets they should be supervising.

When can the police search your car for drugs?

Generally speaking, the police can't just stop your vehicle while you're driving down the road and subject you to a warrantless search. First, they have to have a valid reason -- or probable cause -- to stop your car in the first place. Once you're stopped, they still can't search your car for drugs -- unless they have your permission -- without good cause.

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