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Be safe around truckers this season with these tips

During the holidays, you're bound to see heavier traffic on the roads. Combined with the influx in travel from tourists and families heading home for the holidays, you'll also see an increase in trucker activity.

Truck drivers bring supplies to stores, so when people are busy buying toys, clothing and other items, more are needed. This increases the number of truckers on the roads who are bringing goods to your area.

The trouble with that is that truck drivers can put other drivers in danger. They can't see as well on the roads, and their vehicles have many major blind spots. If you're driving in the wrong place next to a semi, for example, the driver might not see you and could merge straight into your vehicle, pushing you out of your lane and causing a serious crash.

How can you stay safe around truckers this season?

One great piece of advice is to learn about trucking and what the driver can and cannot do. For example, if you're aware that the truck has three major blind spots, you can keep your vehicle out of them. Similarly, if you learn that drivers need more time to stop, you can be courteous and give them more space to do so.

If you see a truck driver who is swerving, moving too quickly or behaving recklessly, remember that you can call the police or 911 to report them. It's better to have the police pull them over than to see them cause an accident due to drowsiness, distractions or other causes. If you end up getting hit, call 911 and wait for help to arrive. Your attorney can then help you put together a personal injury case.

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