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How serious is a traffic violation in Georgia?

In Georgia, a traffic ticket is more than just an inconvenience. In addition to the fines you could face, you could also deal with the implications of additional points on your record. These add up, leaving you with higher insurance costs and other consequences that can cost you time and money.

Many assume it is best to just pay the ticket and move on, but this is not always the optimal choice. It may be worthwhile to fight back and avoid an accumulation of additional points on your record. If you accumulate a certain number of points on your record in a certain time period, it can lead to a suspension of your driving privileges. As you can see, there is more at stake than you may realize after you get a citation for violating a traffic law.

Georgia's point system

After a getting a ticket, you are admitting guilt by paying the fine. This assumption of guilt will lead to points on your record, but the number of points you may accumulate depends on the specific infraction. Points range from two to six, depending on what the driver is accused of doing. A few examples are as follows:

  • Reckless driving -- Four points
  • Speeding -- Two to six points
  • Unlawfully passing a school bus -- Six points
  • Open container law violation -- Two points 

Your driving privileges are important. If you have a suspended license because of a serious traffic violation or an accumulation of points on your record, you will lose a certain amount of your personal freedom. You will not be able to drive to work, pick your kids up from school or take yourself where you need to go. This is especially crucial for a commercial driver or if you have to do a significant amount of driving for your job. It can also cause an expensive increase in your insurance premiums.

How to fight back

A traffic ticket can seem like a minor violation, but it could potentially have a serious impact on your life. You do not want to underestimate the ways this could affect your life, but instead you will find it beneficial to start exploring your legal options.

By speaking with an attorney experienced in traffic violations and criminal defense, you may be able to successfully challenge the ticket. You will then be able to avoid additional points on your record, higher insurance rates and other consequences that come with a conviction of a traffic infraction.

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