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What is Georgia's Implied Consent Law and how does it impact you?

Drunk drivers, listen up! The Georgia Implied Consent Law applies to anyone who maintains a driver's license here in the Peach State. This piece of legislation makes it mandatory for any motorist who is stopped on suspicion of drunk or drugged driving to submit to chemical testing to determine whether they're indeed intoxicated. There are penalties if a Georgia driver refuses to submit to such state-administered testing.

Georgia drivers can refuse chemical testing if they want to but will have their driver's license immediately suspended for doing so. This suspension will last at least one year. Motorists who have their license revoked in such instances will be ineligible to receive a limited driving permit if they are ultimately convicted of their first driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

Motorists who consent to chemical testing and are later convicted of their first DUI in five years will have their driver's license suspended for a full year. Defendants may apply to have their driving privileges reinstated after 120 days though. An individual must be able to pay reinstatement fees and provide proof of completion of a DUI Alcohol and Drug Use Risk Reduction Program that has been approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to be able to reapply for reinstatement of their license though.

Anyone who has been convicted of a DUI may qualify for a limited permit to get to doctor's or legal appointments, school and work at the judge's discretion.

A drunk driving conviction on your record does more than simply making getting around inconvenient. It can greatly affect your ability to continue to receive financial aid. It may bar you from securing professional licenses and certain jobs and impact your ability to win visitation or custody of your kids. An attorney can advise you of your rights in your case here in Athens.

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