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What types of behaviors do drugged motorists exhibit?

When you hear news stories about someone being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), it often has to do with them getting behind the wheel after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. It's only in recent years that news stories have begun circulating about individuals driving while under the influence of drugs. While you may feel confident that you could easily identify a drunk driver, do you think that you'd be as successful in picking out a drugged one?

Drugs impact motorists differently from alcohol. Most drunk drivers react similarly while driving no matter whether they drink beer, wine or hard liquor. These motorists often experience delayed response times to different stimuli, blurred vision and other motor skills declines. The symptoms that drugged motorists often experience vary depending on the drug that a motorist consumes.

Motorists who consume prescription medications including opioids and benzodiazepines often find it hard to reason through things or pass judgments when called upon to do so behind the wheel. Individuals who consume such drugs also are most apt to experience dizziness and drowsiness instead of other symptoms.

Drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle after smoking marijuana are most apt to have difficulty in gauging distance or time, to experience a delayed reaction time and to have other coordination impairments.

Motorists who take methamphetamines or cocaine are more likely to become aggressive to the point that they engage in reckless driving behaviors.

One of the reasons why you likely hear so little about drugged driving in the media is because there's not one go-to test that police can rely on to provide accurate information about a motorist's level of intoxication from illicit drugs. Many motorists also mix alcohol and drugs before they get behind the wheel of their car. Police often arrest motorists for driving with a blood alcohol content that's over the legal limit. Once they do this, police never test for drugs.

You shouldn't assume that you can't be arrested on suspicion of drugged driving just because there aren't any reliable roadside tests that officers can use to test your intoxication level. Police have other options at their disposal. A drunk driving/DUI attorney can advise you about how you should move forward in your case.

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