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What is the Accountability Court System?

The Accountability Court System can be widely found in many counties across the state of Georgia including here in Athens. It's a type of collaborative court system that has mechanisms in place that allow judges and others to identify and address what motivates individuals to engage in criminal activity and to address it. This type of court system allows individuals the opportunity to learn and grow from their mistakes in a rehabilitative fashion instead of by simply being punished.

There are many different branches of the Accountability Court System here in Athens.

The Felony Drug Court allows defendants to receive both treatment and supervision if they're facing one or more drug charges. The Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Drug Court that is run by state officials allows defendants to receive both treatment and supervision if they have two or more convictions for drunk driving on their record.

There is a Veterans Court whereby retired members of the armed forces may receive treatment and supervision that's specifically tailored to individuals that have served our country during a time of war.

Treatment and Accountability Court exists to help defendants who have both been charged with a crime and suffer from mental illness or co-occurring substance abuse get the treatment and supervision that they deserve.

Those defendants who take part in the Parental Accountability Court do so as an alternative to being incarcerated for not paying child support. This court is co-sponsored by both Superior Court judges and the Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Services.

The Family Dependency Treatment Court is a division of the juvenile justice system and co-sponsored by the Division of Family & Children Services. It allows parents who are about to have their parental rights terminated undergo treatment and supervision in hopes of keeping this from happening.

There are many different Accountability Courts aimed at rehabilitating individuals and deferring sentencing. This can help defendants avoid being deprived of their rights and keep them from ending up with a conviction on their record. An attorney can advise you how you might qualify to participate in an Accountability Court program and how it may benefit you long term in your Georgia case.

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