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What risks are associated with underage drinking?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describe alcohol as the most abused or used drug among youth here in Georgia and the country as a whole. Their data shows that alcohol intoxication claims some 4,300 underaged individuals here each year. Those same statistics show that individuals age 12 to 20 are responsible for consuming at least 11% of all alcoholic beverages in this country. Underage drinking doesn't just carry with it the risk of bodily injury but affects individuals in many other ways as well.

CDC data shows that youth who engage in underage alcohol consumption expose themselves to significant legal liability. They open themselves up to causing a drunk driving crash. These individuals also become withdrawn in social activities and engage in fighting. This may put them at risk of being charged with a physical assault or homicide.

That same data shows that underage drinking can disrupt a young person's development in multiple areas. This may put them at a higher risk for unplanned, unwanted or unprotected sexual acts such an assault.

Youth who consume alcohol while under the legal drinking age of 21 also tend to experience adverse physical health effects including brain impairments such as memory loss and chronic illnesses.

Individuals who consume alcohol while underage may experience suicidality and put themselves at risk of dying from alcohol poisoning. Their alcohol consumption puts them at risk of becoming involved in other injuring incidents such as drowning, falls or burns. A dependence on alcohol may easily develop into drug addiction as well.

You may be able to request for your juvenile criminal records to be expunged for any crimes that you commit before the age of 18. This doesn't help you if you've been charged or convicted of crimes as an adult though.

Criminal charges on your record can impact your ability to obtain professional licenses and jobs. An attorney here in Athens can advise you of potential defense strategies that you can pursue in your Georgia case that may keep your record clean.

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