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Can you regain confidence to drive after an accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving after a car accident may cause angst and paranoia. Still reeling from memories of your crash, you might wonder if you will ever feel comfortable driving again.

Regaining your confidence will take time and consistent effort. Minimizing distractions and reducing stress will improve your safety and help you feel safer and more capable.

Take your time

A traffic collision can traumatize you for quite some time. Especially if your situation resulted in serious bodily harm and property damage. You might replay the incident in your head or experience triggers from certain sounds or smells. Feeling comfortable driving again will not happen overnight. Give yourself grace and understand that you will need time to work through the emotional repercussions of trauma.

When you do decide to try driving again, make sure you have plenty of time. Consider asking someone you trust to accompany you on your first drive. Go somewhere without a lot of traffic and keep your music low. You might just want to sit in your vehicle for a minute. Refamiliarize yourself with the controls. Drive slowly and allow yourself to feel emotion.

Talk about what happened

Not talking about what happened to you may prolong your trauma. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, one option to consider is therapy. Working with a mental health professional may help you process what happened in a healthy and productive manner. You may also consider talking to your family and friends. Write about your experience in a journal. These actions could minimize negative emotions and allow you to release some of what you feel.

Collaborating with your legal team may alleviate some of the formal repercussions of your accident so you can focus on your mental health. With the right support during your recovery, you may eventually feel comfortable driving again.