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How drug court works in Athens-Clarke County

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Drug Charges

A Georgia drug conviction has the potential to cost you quite a bit of money, and it may, too, mean time behind bars, among other possible penalties. Often, criminal behavior is the result of a substance dependency, and if you consider your conviction to be a result of your addiction, you may want to see if Athens-Clarke County’s Felony Drug Court Program is an option for you.

Per Athens-Clarke County, the county’s Felony Drug Court program involves five phases, all of which aim to help you overcome your drug dependency and regain control over your life and actions. Each phase in the program also corresponds with a particular step in the recovery process.

How the program works

If you gain entry into drug court and begin navigating the five phases of the county program, plan to have to make regular appearances in drug court. Plan, too, to have to undergo individual and group counseling sessions and regular monitoring and supervision throughout the program’s duration. Expect also to have to participate in weekly 12-step meetings and submit to random drug testing while the program is ongoing.

How the program helps you

If you keep up with the terms and conditions of drug court, you may receive incentives from court administrators, such as gift cards or curfew extensions. If you complete the program successfully in its entirety, it may have a positive outcome on your drug case and potentially lead to a dropped or lesser charge.

There are monthly fees associated with participating in drug court. If you are unable to afford them, you may have alternative options available.