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3 motorcycle crash factors

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes tend to cause serious injuries and fatalities for those who operate and ride these vehicles because of the overall vulnerability they experience when compared to those driving or riding in enclosed vehicles. According to the National Safety Council, motorcyclists accounted for nearly 15% of deaths that occurred on highways in 2020.

While most motorcycle drivers and their passengers likely understand the risks of this activity, they may not realize a few common factors that often contribute to crashes, injuries and death.

1. Location

Most motorcycle crashes take place in urban settings, where drivers must navigate traffic in places where congestion might occur. Urban drivers may also drive their motorcycles on freeways or roads with more than two lanes, where drivers of other vehicles might fail to notice them.

2. Time of day

Many motorcycle accidents take place during daylight hours, which may seem strange when one considers the increased visibility when compared to driving at night, but several factors may play into this situation. Firstly, driving during daylight hours usually means increased traffic, construction zone activity and commuters hurrying to get to work. Any of these conditions could contribute to a crash.

3. The number of vehicles involved

Single and two-vehicle crashes tend to cause the most deaths for motorcyclists and their passengers. This is probably due to the bike making contact with the other vehicle or a stationary object, which may result in ejection for the driver or passenger.

The number of motorcycle deaths over the past decade continues to rise. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by attending driver safety classes and with the use of protective gear, such as helmets.