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What are third-degree burns like?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Personal Injury

Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burn injury. They require the fastest medical attention and have the possibility for the worst outcomes.

Understanding more about third-degree burns could prove vital in the case that someone requires medical attention.

What do they look and feel like?

Healthline takes a look at burn injuries, in particular third-degree burns. These burns, also called full-thickness burns due to the depth they can reach, involve multiple layers of the skin. They can even involve the muscle and the bone below.

Third-degree burns often look ashy, black or white instead of red. Blisters may or may not be present, but usually are not due to the level of damage done. On top of that, victims may not even feel pain depending on the level of nerve damage that occurs. Those who still have use of the nerves in the area will likely feel excruciating pain, however.

Potential concerning effects

Due to the potential depth of these injuries, they come with a lot of serious potential side effects, especially infections. A victim may end up dealing with gangrene, which can cause necrosis of the skin and lead to amputation. Sepsis is also possible, which may result in death within 72 hours of symptoms first appearing.

Outside of these complications, victims face the possibility of massive scarring, as well. This may cause particular psychological trauma, especially when the burns are on the face or other highly visible places.

Thus, no one should underestimate the damage that may result from a third-degree burn.