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Whose job is it to keep property safe?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Premises Liability

Georgia has a law that requires people to keep public areas safe. That means that the person or company responsible for a piece of property might have a duty to you if you get an injury on that property.

The statute is relatively simple, but there are many previous court decisions that could influence your case. This article will look at the statute and what it might mean in the real world.

The slip-and-fall law in the Georgia Code

The premises liability law in this state has a few different factors that could establish somebody’s responsibility to pay for your injury. The responsible party must:

  • Be an owner or occupier of the premises
  • Have invited, led or induced you to come onto the property in some way for a lawful purpose
  • Have failed to keep the premises and the way onto it safe

These few lines of legal code have had far-reaching consequences for many people. However, despite what insurance companies for corporations might want you to think, it is still an owner’s or occupier’s responsibility to keep their property safe.

What the law means in the real world

This law could apply to various different real-world situations. One of the most common examples is if you were to trip and fall in a store due to faulty machinery, poor maintenance or various other factors.

In that case, the occupier might be the company that owns and operates the retail establishment. However, this law might apply to public places and private homes — in addition to places of business.

When you receive an injury, one of the classic tactics is for the responsible party to try and make it seem like it is your fault. However, the law might actually protect your right to compensation from the person who injured you.