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Who is at fault for a car wreck caused by a stuck accelerator?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you ever had a dream where you were driving a car that kept going faster and faster no matter what you did? When that nightmare becomes a reality, it can lead to serious car wrecks.

Who is at fault when a stuck accelerator causes a wreck?

How to determine fault

Judges and insurance companies determine fault in car wrecks based on whether someone’s negligence caused the wreck. In the case of a stuck accelerator, more than one party could be at-fault for a wreck.

For example, if the vehicle owner’s failure to properly service and maintain the vehicle, trash in the floorboard of the car or an improperly installed floor mat caused the wreck, the vehicle owner could be at fault. However, if a manufacturing defect or improper repair caused the wreck, a third party could be to blame.

In some cases, the fault may belong to more than one party. For example, if the accelerator stuck because of a defect, but the driver also failed to take appropriate steps to avoid a wreck, both the manufacturer and the driver could share fault.

How to avoid a wreck

If the accelerator in your car sticks, take these steps:

  1. While remaining calm, step on the brake with both feet and hold it down.
  2. Shift your car into neutral.
  3. While depressing the brake, look for a way to get out of traffic, such as driving onto a shoulder. However, try to avoid rapid lane changes.
  4. When you come to a controlled stop, shut off the vehicle.
  5. Call for assistance.

Stuck accelerators are an uncommon problem. However, knowing what to do if the problem happens can avoid a serious wreck.